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Lash Extensions and Florida Humidity

Ever wonder why here in Florida when it is hot in the summer and the humidity is high, you require more frequent visits to have lash extension refills? You're not alone. There is actually a scientific reason for this. I'll explain why here!

The glue that is used to apply eyelash extensions to your own natural eyelashes does not "dry" like other glues, but rather it "cures". This curing process takes about 24 hours to complete as the bonds are formed within the glue between the eyelash and the extension. And it actually requires moisture in order for it to "set", or become hard. In other words, during the "drying" process the glue is not actually drying out, but is actually accumulating more moisture.

The lower the moisture content of the air, the longer it takes to cure and the glue remains softer. The higher the humidity, like here in Florida, the faster the bonds form and it sets faster but the bonds are more brittle and can be broken easily. Both of these scenarios can cause the integrity of the glue to fail prematurely, and the extensions can fall off earlier than the typical 3-4 weeks time that it usually takes for the need for a lash refill. Extremely high or low temperatures can also have an effect on the glue. (Keep in mind that mascara and lotions of any kind should also be avoided as this effects the bonds of the glue as well.)

Knowledgeable, well-trained lash professionals understand this and we use the proper glues and adjust our salon temperatures and humidity to ensure the proper environment at the time lash extensions are applied. But after the application has been performed it is sometimes difficult to control the environment of the individual receiving eyelash extensions for the next 24 hours, especially here in hot, humid Florida. Seasons do change, and unfortunately we cannot control the weather. So keep in mind, even with the best intentions of a skilled, discerning lash technician, high humidity and temperature can have an effect on your lash extensions and the length of time between your need for refill applications can vary according to the time of year. Living in paradise does come with consequences!

Summer Lashes

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