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Lash On! We Are Open for Eyelash Extension and Lash Lift Appointments in West Palm Beach

Now taking appointments for lashes! Call 561-510-1772

Cc Lashes | Professional Eyelash Artist | West Palm Beach, Florida

We are celebrating our re-opening after the nationwide temporary closure of all spas for the Covid-19 pandemic safety measures to flatten the curve.

I can't be more excited to be back to my happy place, doing what I love. Having all my beautiful clients pampered and ready to rock on the mask season. Of course we are taking the necessary recommended safety measures to continue providing quality service during this time.

Some of the regulations to maintain your safety and ours include:


- Limit the number of clients each day to allow space between clients to minimize contact.

- Maintain strict sanitation protocol throughout the spa during and after each appointment.

- Ask all clients to fill out a questionnaire and we will monitor your temperature.

- Wear masks during the whole time of interaction with our clients.

- Use disposable blankets on our beds.

- Use medical grade disinfectants for our instruments as usual.


- Should ask you to reschedule if you have any symptoms of flu or fever.

- Should not bring anyone to your appointment.

- If you need to bring someone, they will be asked to wait in your vehicle.

- Wash your hands upon arrival, and use hand sanitizer that is available.

- Bring your own mask and please wear it properly.

- If you don't have a mask we will provide one for a small $2 fee.

- Bring your own blanket as it can get a little chilly during your beauty nap.

We are in this together, and with your collaboration we can maintain safety for everyone.

I know! It can sound a little overwhelming, but we will do everything we can to make it as smooth as possible. Now let's move on to beauty talk!

It has been how long now? 2 full months since your last eyelash appointment? And we are now ready for a full set of lash extensions. Remember to schedule your time properly for your service. A new full set of volume lashes can take between 3 to 3.5 hours to complete; a full set of classic eyelash extensions is 2 to 2.5 hours; and a lash lift can take 1 hour, and add 20 minutes if you want to add tint to your lash lift.

We also have a new service for eyebrows called Brow Lamination!

What is a brow lamination or brow lift? Brow lamination is a process which is similar to a lash lift treatment for eyelashes, where we relax those unruly brows and add flexibility to correct the brow's shape. This is also available with a brow tint.

We look forward seeing you at your next appointment! Call now or book online.

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